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Order buying and marketing

Ballco buys cattle every week with our goal being to have a buyer at  every sale across western Canada. Customers can participate in any share pen size and in as many lots as they wish.

At Ballco we have access to a value added grid that works well for many different cattle types.

We also have the ability to receive carcass data linked to individual CCIA tags. This is an ideal way for producers to get valuable feedback on their breeding programs. For more information please call.

For more information about this service:

E-mail: jeff@ballco.ca


Share Pens and Custom Feeding

At Ballco Feeders we follow FHARM protocol.  All animals are checked daily and treated as required. Once your pen is at capacity, our goal is to have your animals on full feed in approximately 21 days.  We will provide industry experienced advice remembering they are your cattle and owner input is respected.

Share pens are available.  Our customers can purchase any % and as many lots as they wish.

Currently we have pen size capacity of 80, 160-180 and 320-350 head.

For more information about this service:

E-mail: mike@ballco.ca


Retained Ownership

  • individual animal records
  • carcass feed back tied to individual CCIA tags

For more information about this service:

E-mail: jeff@ballco.ca


Commodity Division

We access the majority of feed from our network of local growers as well as feed ingredients from all across Western Canada and Northern U.S. using our own trucks, rail siding and elevator located at Brant.

For more information about this service: E-mail: teresa@ballco.ca

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